Tribute Page project feedback@allare

Hi all,
I’m back to FreeCodeCamp after a long time. Lots have changed since last time, new projects, new certification. I’m pumped up to complete the challenges and grab my hands on that shiny certificate.

Here’s the link to my Tribute page project. Please have a look and provide any feedback you have:

Thanks all. Happy coding.

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You did really well man Good work

Thanks Gunjan. Just noticed that you are from Nepal, too. Are you working as a web developer or just learning?

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i am currently doing my Engineering and am really intrested in web development what about you man

I am not related to tech field. I graduated in business.But I am very passionate about software development.

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Great man keep that passion and may God bless you man

Thanks. Best wishes to you too.

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Nice job, I really enjoyed reading it! One thought I had was that you could try centering the paragraphs to see if that makes them look more aesthetically pleasing. And if you’re up to it, maybe you could add some more images of classic Disney characters down the sides, but be careful with positioning. The image of Mary Poppins looks a little too far to the left and is being partially cut off.

Thanks, mate. I intentionally put Mary Poppins behind the main content in order to exhibit the use of z-index, but I too think it’s better to keep her in front of the content.