Tribute Page - Project Feedback Request

Hi all,

Wanted to post my tribute page so that I could get some feedback on how to improve. Any pointers as far as code, design, content, or anything else are appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I would be nice to see a summary of what you read instead of what may be a copy and paste of his Wiki. I only think that because it looks like you copied the bibliography numbers that are in the Wiki article too? (Example: The family lived in the Sand Point area of Seattle in a home that was once damaged by a rare tornado when Gates was nine years old.[21]). When you size down, it’s a lot to read and the numbers in the brackets are distracting and unnecessary. I also think the font is thin and is a bit hard to read, but maybe its because there’s so much text (esp when sized down).

I haven’t checked if it’s responsive on my phone so you should see if it is, but when I scale my screen down on my laptop, it looks good!

Try putting a box shadow on your picture to make it stand out more

I think you should definitely have a body tag and not so many div’s. Here’s a great link I have saved that helped me with my HTML code for this project: Tribute page - All feedback is greatly appreciated!
It made it so much cleaner and easy to read/understand. Plus, it helps with accessibility if people need it.
If you want to see how I implemented it, here’s my tribute page:

That’s awesome advice on the semantic tags, that’s going to help a lot

Thanks for the feedback!

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Right?? He’s a really helpful dude. That’s why I bookmarked it hahaha. I ended up doing my page all over again because of it! Can;t wait to see the new one (if you redo it)!