Tribute Page Project Feedback - Tenzing Norgay

Many hours later, I have made my first site using what I’ve learned from the first module. It’s been a trial by fire, but I think it came out pretty nicely! Only HTML and CSS so far. Please let me know of any suggestions for improvements.

Looking good.

  1. Be mindful/careful about hotlinking images.

  2. It is semantically more correct for the last two everest pictures to be actual img elements, not CSS background images.

  3. You have a few inline styles on your h3’s that really don’t need to be inline, i would move them to your style sheet. If you want to, you can make some helper/utility classes for text alignment. You should also center align the h3’s at your small screen breakpoint.

Thanks for taking a look at what I’ve made!

  1. I didn’t want to hotlink per se, but I’m not sure how to have a local copy on codecamp without paying money.

  2. and 3. I totally agree with. I was trying to setup the h3’s to move from left to right to symbolize the passage of time but it doesn’t work as well with smaller screens.

Thanks again!

Well, you would have to download the images and upload them to some free host, then link from there.

Hotlinking really shouldn’t be a big deal with these projects, you likely won’t drive enough traffic for hotlinking to be an issue (there are some automated systems which disable hotlinks). Anyway, I was just mentioning it in case you didn’t know about the potential issues with hotlinking.

The passage of time thing you mention actually sounds like a cool idea, not sure how I would implement it. Maybe some kind of timeline design. First I was thinking about a vertical timeline running down the left side, but then you would have to move the quote div. Might be asking a bit much, but then it might also just be fun to try and implement.

Also, it’s fine that the desktop and mobile experience isn’t the same, simplifying layouts on smaller screens is a valid approach.