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I would like to hear some advice or just some words on this page:

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This is how a page about nyan cats should look like :+1:

Well there is all sorts of stuff in your code that I don’t understand!

Good choice of font and colour scheme. Nice work!

Could you give an example?

I hope you understand that my comment was more a reflection of my lack of code understanding than a criticism of your code! No doubt to someone a bit more experienced than myself, your code makes perfect sense!

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You did a pretty good job . The only thing that may be hard for others to read the code is that you are not using the traditional classes instead you are using your own custom classes. Which is not that bad.Overall i like it. and its quite responsive too. :slight_smile:
One more thing the hyperlinks are not opening in a new tab.You must have forgotten to add target="_blank".

What do you mean by custom classes? I used semantic tags and some randomly picked class names. :smiley: are there conventions in the FCC-Community? I did not use bootstrap because I wanted to create it as much from scratch as possible. :smiley:

Oh sorry. I thought you knew better practices and just did not want to tell me how to enhance the page :stuck_out_tongue:

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what do i mean by custom is that we would usually use “header” which is most of us prefer intead of “wrap-header.”
we would use “main header” instead of something like “restict-width” which is not so ideal either.
we would use paragraph class instead of “teaser-text”.
If you know what i meant by custom classes.Cause if you look up in some other resourses these are attributes that are recommened for using instaed of something like “restict-width”. Which is not wrong but not ideal. :slight_smile:

Yet it is as semantic as possible while keeping it close to its function. The wrap classes just work as a full bleed background color container. As they have no semantic meaning to the page, they do not need to be called header. Furthermore the header itself uses the <header> tag as a common convention — enhancing crawlability, indexability and readability.

The restrict-width class just max-width-es all the containing content. If you know more semantic and readable ways of doing a full bleed bgc with max-width content, I would appreciate learning it.