Tribute page - Project feedback

Hello everyone! Finished my Tribute page few days ago, would love to hear some feedback :slight_smile:

Nice work! I like how you added colorful elements - it makes the page more appealing.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • When the browser window is narrow, the text takes up very little space. You should take up more space to make the text fill more of the window:
  • The previous comment is especially noticeable because the top text box does take up most of the width of the page. This should be consistent for all sections.
  • Also, the two blue shades you’re using on top of each other are very similar, which makes the titles less readable. I would choose colors that compliment each other and produce better readability. Because the background is so dark -> a white title would work better, or alternatively, leave the title color as is, and make the background color darker.
  • Lastly, I suggest adding a footer with a link to your github/ FCC page so potential employers could find your work quicker :slight_smile:

Again, these are just suggestions because this looks great already :slight_smile: Enjoy your coding!

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Thanks for the feedback! I have refined my tribute page according to your suggestions :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, @Photon ! It’s so much more readable now :slight_smile:

I think you couls still take up more page space in narrow display, but it’s definitely much better and consistent.

Awesome work, enjoy your coding!

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