~Tribute page - Project feedback~

Hey y’all, Just Finished the Tribute page…i’d appreciate any comment or feed back.
Here is The Page

I like it! few suggestions.

  • Align the three images to the center.
  • Center footer

Well done :slight_smile:

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@shimphillip tried but center aligning the footer brings it in the middle of one of the pics…tried

You are using css grid.

You can add an extra row to your area. Then give your h4 a name to match middle element in grid-template-areas.

Overall a nice looking page. Some styling on the header would make it a lot more appealing at first glance!

Keep up the good work!

@PBillingsby Thanks alot for your feed back…i’ll definitely look into that

@shimphillip thanks bro…dont know how i forgot that. well i fixed it.
if you would like to see the heres the link