Tribute Page Project - Feeling like an imposter

Hi y’all,
So I feel like an imposter, I completed the responsive web design curriculum and have made it to the Tribute page project. I am trying to include all of the specs listed and it’s like all that I have learned went out the window. I don’t have a problem when there is an existing code to visually see and add to but when it comes to doing it from scratch I almost draw a blank. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I revisit the html? Any suggestions?
As always,
Thanks y’all


It’s fine if you feel imposter syndrome. Most of us do.

When building projects, it helps a lot if you think of what you are building beforehand. Draw a hand sketch of what you want. Then layout your design with HTML followed by CSS. And it does take a long time to come up with designs. It’s natural.

Revising HTML is also a good idea. Good luck :+1:


I admit, easier to build on something that already exists than to build something new.
But do it enough times and you might become comfortable. I end up looking at bits and pieces of other websites for inspiration, like how they made their product list, navbar, and the coloring of the site. I’ll bet a bunch of people do that with their websites. No joke, Frankenstein the base, and build on it.