Tribute page project -- Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh

I did an artist study of Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh earlier this year, so I decided to make my tribute page about her.

Looks great. Good colors and fonts, and good use of float.

I tested the text contrast and it passes the check but I still feel like it is a bit low. It might just be that the font is a bit thin. Maybe darken the color just a tad (might just be me and it’s getting late).

I see the full page design you are going for but it makes reading the text hard. I would consider giving the tribute-info container some max-width to lower the line length. I’d also consider increasing the top margin on it to give the image and text some more vertical separation.

Run the HTML through a validator.

Nice job, keep it up!


I’d echo what lasjorg said! Overall really nice job. I definitely like the fonts you’ve chosen and the attention to making sure every element is styled in some way.

I would agree that perhaps adding a little breathing room to your text would make it more readable!

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Thanks for the feedback @lasjorg and @john.solo! I was trying to use colors from the artwork for the page and had been messing with the contrast already, but had a feeling I still needed to make some further adjustments.

And I will definitely look at your ideas about the text – I had wondered about the line length issue but hadn’t thought enough about what I could do for that.

Thanks again!

thanks for the validator tip! i hadn’t noticed the ending div tag that was missing a closing >! cleaned up a few other things, too.

and it definitely looks better with the max-width set on the text. appreciate the help!!

Very elegant. Great choice of fonts. Looks like it is ripped straight from a magazine :ok_hand:

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