Tribute page project of Gabriel Hernandez

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I’m done with the HTML of this project but honestly I don’t know how to make it look good with css.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hey Gabriel,

good work so far!

My ideas:

  • visually separate the sections that belong together, e.g. the timeline from the quote
  • visually emphasize the information that is more important, e.g. with a bigger font size
  • use colors that resonates with the content, e.g.

Keep us posted!

Okay perfect Miku, I will work on that. In the actual tests that you have to run through to see if the program meets the requirements and I’m having trouble with the one that says:

The element should be centered within its parent element.

I honestly don’t know how to do that, I don’t feel comfortable at all with CSS.

Hey Gabriel,

you are close to finishing the project,
great work!

To pass the last test, you have to center the image.
If you have a look at the FCC curriculum,
there is a section about CSS Flexbox,
where you learn the skills to solve this task!

Have fun and keep us posted!

The project finally passes all of the tests, however, I’m not going to lie that the looking of the project I don’t like it at all and also I want to know how to center the dots that are at the beginning of every element of the unordered list element.