Tribute page project on "beta version of the responsive...."

Hello, I’ve being stuck in this for a while, seems its relative to the beta version, i need help on this. I keep getting my image is not centered in relation to its parent element and the max-width, is also not applying, SOS!!!

This a link to my codepen, thanks!

Hi. I’m entered in your codepen. The image is indeed centered, the problem was that you give it a max width of 100%, as its parent div has a width equal to the screen width the image fill thats space, try to change the image max width to 75% or to 500 px and you will see that its indeed in the center of the page.

good luck!

Your project is fine in codepen and is doing everything correctly. The reason it isn’t working in FCC is because you didn’t link the style sheet to your HTML. Codepen does this for you automatically but you have to do it in FCC. See this note at the bottom of the instructions:

Note: Be sure to add <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css"> in your HTML to link your stylesheet and apply your CSS

Thanks for your feedback, I truly do appreciate, I did make the change, the code still didn’t pass, wonder what might be the problem!

The stylesheet link is on the head tag of my html file, don’t know why the styles are not implementing on the FCC site.

I finally saw where the problem was, I was using style.css instead of “styles.css”, thanks alot for making me see this, much appreciation.

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