Tribute Page Project Opinion

Hi everyone,

I have just completed Tribute Page project and I would like to hear what do you think about it?
Do you think it is completed enough that I could go to the next task?

Can you provide a Link?

I just realised that I am so stupid to forget it

So from a requirements standpoint – you’re done. From a visual standpoint, I think it looks good as well. If you want to go any further with it at this point that’s up to you.

EDIT: You do have a typo in your anchor tag to wikipedia. target="_blanck" should be target="_blank"

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Also, your image tag is <image> I think you need it to be <img>. Something is currently converting it to <img> when you look at the source via developer tools.

thanks! Fixed all of it. I still find it surprising that “_blanck” still lead to the page. In the video it was said that without correct target page will not load in the new tab.