Tribute Page - Project Stephen Hawking

Appreciate feedback on my Tribute Page - project

Nice responsive design. My only suggestion is to change the first 3 instances 4 col-xs-2, col-xs-8 with col-md-2, col-md-8, so that on smaller width devices, the bullet sections are not squished.

Thank you for your response and suggestion. I have made the necessary changes. Appreciate your help.

Not looking at your code because i just finished my little project and i’m a bit lazy :slight_smile:
I say good job, only a minor comment: for me the fonts are clashing a bit.

Thank you for your input. Do you have any suggestions on the font i should be using to avoid this issue ?

hm I don’t know. But i would stay in the same style as the font that is used on the picture.
Or choose another picture without text, if you want to keep using your current font?

Have made font change. However, i think the page looks monotonous.

I think it looks better as the fonts are matching.
Maybe you need more feedback (ask some relatives or friends to check what they think).

If it is too monotonous, you could play with other stuff (colors, effects, …)?

Thank you for the input on look and feel of the page for this project.

However i have a couple of quick questions for the next projects

  1. When should i use col-lg/ col-md/ col-sm/ col-xs ?
  2. Is there a way for me to test the look and feel of the page on various devices (eg. laptop, mobile, tablet etc.) and various browsers without physically trying on each one of them?

I found answers to these questions on the forum.

Appreciate all the help with my Tribute page.