Tribute page project sucess

check it out:
Tribute PAGE via @CodePen

Nice try. Few suggestions.

  • You are repeating the same pages over and over again so it’s very long.
  • Make your bullet points sit next to their texts.
  • Try doing a different tribute page. This is off of the template project.



@ayeolakenny shimphilip is correct with everything he said. I suggest making your own tribute page.

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Tribute PAGE via @CodePen

done another tribute page check it out

Tribute PAGE via @CodePen

done another tribute page check it

@ayeolakenny, when I look at your page and still see things like “a man who impacted a billion lives” versus the sample page which says “a man who saved a billion lives” and then I see that Mark Zuckerburg who was born in 1984, dies in 2012 at age 95, the same age as the person in the sample page I wonder how much of the page is original work.

Why does your CSS contain empty blocks for the id’s ‘title’, ‘image-div’, ‘tribute-info’ and ‘tribute-link’?

Why are you using @keyframes? What does it do or what is it supposed to do? The block is not closed correctly so it’s not working.

Not trying to be harsh just wondering why you’re doing some of the things you’re doing versus wondering how much you understand some of the things you’re doing.
Don’t try to complicate things. Make your page your own and make it the best you can do. With time, you’ll be able to improve it.

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i did the code myself, moreover i was just practicing the @keyframes cause i didnt really understand it.

And thanks for the advice:grinning:

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