Tribute page project: Tribute to Charles Babbage

Hi, I finished my Tribute page challenge. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance. Here is my Tribute page link-

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Hi @Rupali123

Great page !

The only thing I would change is blue around the letter. It is very distracting and it doesn’t really look good on the eyes and on the design of the whole page.

Other than that, personally, great page.

I would appreciate your suggestion and thank you for feedback.

A nice page. Although honestly, the color you selected in Babbage’s Life section is not good, at least to me.

It would be much better if you used grey like the first one to make it look better.

Also an advice, don’t use Bootstrap too much in your projects. It’s my opinion but I think that it limits the one’s potential, also it’s better to practice and learn the pure CSS which is better than using ready styles(if you’re a noob in css/html)

Good project overall.

I changed the color. Now it looks much better. :smiley: :smiley:

I think it looks good overall. Spelling/grammar errors aside.