Tribute page project: Tribute to Grace Hopper

I finally finished my tribute page! :persevere: I would really appreciate any feedback (positive and/or negative). Thanks in advance :smile:!

See my pen Tribute Page to Grace Hopper.

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Overall I like the design of the tribute page. The large banner along with the quote next to her picture were an excellent set up. It made the page look well organized and professional. I do have one suggestion for improvement: change the font and background colors. They don’t clash well making the text difficult to read. Congrats on your first project!

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Thank you @GreatDeveloper66 for your honest feedback!
I agree with you, I am also not satisfied with my colors and font. I have been thinking about changing them, but I haven’t been able to decide which ones to choose yet :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Whatever you choose just make sure there’s good contrast behind the foreground and background. I’m a newbie but I have learned the importance of using color contrast and proper layout to emphasize key info you want the user to focus on. I have made visually unappealing sites before by forgetting this principle.

Great layout and design.

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It’s beautiful. I especially like how the list is the full width of the page so that it stays put while you scroll through it and then the page moves on again once you get to the end if you’re continuing to scroll. That taught me something about design that I hadn’t considered.

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I liked the beginning and the image. Black and yellow don’t go well so the text becomes hard to read

To be honest I have been trying to do a tribute page recently I still can’t even think what to write about!To be honest looking at lots of people’s tribute pages has finally gave me some ideas on what to do but I can’t even do the first thing! I had to go back to start remembering what was the id=main part!