Tribute Page-Project!

Hey everyone!How are you?I hope you have an awasome day so far! I just wanted to tell you that I just finish my Tribute Page-Project I have made some updates!! It will be pleasure for me If you watch it and make a comment that you can tell me if you like or not.Also If you find mistakes you can tell.I am here to learn.

My tribute page this time is about my favourite duo!! I hope you will like it and don’t forget to give me a comment of what you like the most and what you like the worst!

Thank you.

Click here to see my project:


Maybe make the image caption a little narrower than the image.

h3 under the iframe needs a space after the “!”. Should be “…to go to any of their concerts…”

I’m not a fan of “click here”. Prefer using the descriptive text as a link.

What if the dates, in the list, had a bigger difference compared to the text than they have already.

Looks good! So do your other pages (I followed the links).

Thank you so much for your comment it meeans a lot to me!!! I will think what you told me and i will try my best to have the best result in all of my projects!!

Again thank you so much.

Hey Everyone!! I just completed my first project on freecodecamp. I built a tribute page dedicated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Can you please review it and suggest any improvements? All critisisms are welcome. :slight_smile: