Tribute page project:

hi guys! I completed my first project in fcc. give your feed back to improve!

Site is good, some improvements can be made -

  1. The image load time is too much as it is heavy, to reduce the page load time rather use a small image.
  2. The typography can be enhanced.
  3. As some more elements to the site to make it look great.

Otherwise, well done! Keep developing!
I’m from India too, let’s connect on instagram @zippytyro

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You did a good job, but there are some things you need to improve:

  • The image is too big. Try to keep its height under 30% of the full page’s height.
  • Maybe get a font that matches the subject or person better.
  • On your <li> tags on the dots, there is a white strip over them. Try to remove that or expand it over the entire list.
  • Try maybe adding a little margin to the left and right sides of the page so that the text is a little closer to the center and further from the edges.

Good job on the colors. They match the subject well.

Keep up the great work!

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