Tribute Page - project

That’s my first project I’m open to any feedback :slight_smile:

It is styled well. I feel like the text may need to be broken up somehow, perhaps putting it inside a more narrow container to make it more readable on large displays.

Overall, the colors and layout work pretty well. I would also make sure the menu options have somewhere to go, even if the href is just “#”. This will prevent errors when clicked.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate it.
I’ve corrected the href.

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(Damn, I pressed ctrl+enter :sweat_smile:)

About the text, I agree with you. I know that with actual content it would be broken up in more paragraphs, but right now it just feels like a bulky heavy block. I was thinking about adding a media query for the larger screens adding a left-right padding in vw to mantain proportions and also adding a picture with text wrapping around it with floats, (if I’ll able to do it :sweat_smile: ).

I think you can handle it for sure. You could put the entire lower body portion (the text) in a div with a max-width of 800 or something. That might help with the readability. You have a pretty good eye, I think.

I also think some images with wraps around them would look nice, as well. You might stagger them one on the left, then one on the right, and then back if you’re going to do it. It helps visually break up the text while also maintaining visual balance.

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just letting you know if you do make an actual website Wikipedia is not good a source because its not always accurate

Thanks :slight_smile:
So that’s what I’m going to do next :ok_hand:

Thanks you for your suggestion, I’ll take it into account next time :wink: