Tribute page-Rahul Dravid.Please give your feedbacks

This is my tribute page for rahul dravid.Here is the link Rahul Dravid by Abinash .Would appreciate any feedback especially how to improve.
Thank you.

Wow! Really in-depth, that’s awesome. Probably the most information-rich tribute page I’ve seen. I personally don’t like web pages with full-blown background images; seems a bit tacky.

None-the-less, nice job :wink:

Thank you @jonlove for your feedback.First I thought it is good ,not to add a background image,but struggled after adding it(a bit of googling helped a lot). Any suggestions for improvement.

Personally I like to go with just a white background. If you look around at any number of sites that you consider to be well designed, a good amount of them will just have plain white backgrounds(or sometimes another neutral color). And If you’d still like to have the image, you could add it somewhere in the body or under the heading and subheading at the top of the page.

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Will use this on my next project.:slight_smile:

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great work done. i liked the way you used background image. its very impressive.

Thank you.Adding a background picture as my first project was one of the toughest part.