Tribute page - Ray Kurzweil | Please review

I’ve made a Tribute Page to Ray Kurzweil, however it has some problems with responsiveness that I hope you guys can help me with :slight_smile:

On smartphones the menu takes 50% of screen, when there’s enough space for some of menu options to be in one row, rather than one below the other.
I’ve tried to fix it (playing with xs-col-* and display: inline-block; ) but failed, so I made a little hide button in jQuery as a workaround, so the page is readable. However it doesn’t make a good impression when you open it on small screen.

Other than that I think it’s working properly. Please share your feedback.

Looking great!

Check out Bootstrap’s built in collapsible nav menu - it will respond a little better than your current solution.

Btw - from a sheer problem solving perspective, your workaround is pretty clever :slight_smile:

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