Tribute Page Redux

Tribute Page Redux
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Hey all. So, I just finished redoing my Tribute Page to match the new guidelines. I really had a lot of fun doing this. I tried to bring in a bunch of different things from the challenges, but honestly, it was hard to remember them all. But I think that is part of what this is all about… Having an understanding of what you want and knowing how and where to get the details you need to complete it.

Some things… This is just HTML and CSS. No Bootstrap this time (per new guidelines). I hope no one gets offended by the subject, but this was the only thing that I could think of doing. So it’s not so much a tribute as it is putting our skills to work.

I am really excited about what happens when you shrink the screen down past 300px and I like my text being responsive to the viewport.

I would like to hear some honest feedback about the code (not content). Also, I know this was mentioned in my first go around. I wanted to try and use dl dt dd so that is why the main “stuff” is formatted that way. It was something new for me as I was familiar with tables. I enjoy the d’s much more but they are a challenge to get placement correct.

Anyway, here is the link!

bgq007 - Tribute Page - Project 1

PS - @QuincyLarson it would be awesome if the public profile could be updated to reflect this new link rather than the old one. Since this one meets the new requirements. (or other mods)