Tribute Page: Requesting feedback please

I think it’s not horrible looking but still feels so basic. It seems to work fine on my mobile device and I tried to keep the code tidy. Any feedback and suggestions for improvement is much appreciated. Thank you.

My tribute page (Erich Maria Remarque):


It looks basic but it also looks elegant :slight_smile:

Try giving padding 0 and margin 0 to your body. Some browsers automatically assign values to those properties by default.


Hey thanks so much for the feedback.

I think the sample makes the same mistake but “Wikipedia Page” is not accessible in my mind:

The design is very good but the layout, I would prefer not to be reading text all across the page.
There is a reason magazines / newspapers have multiple columns of text.
Try to increase the margins around the text.

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Agree with @JohnnyBizzel to make the width of the text smaller, quite hard to read through the full width. As a sidenote; for good readability it is suggested to have approx. 50-75 characters per line including spaces.

Else I like your page, simple and clean.

PS: As per codepen setup, you should put the <head> section into the codepen settings, instead of the HTML section. And just put the <body> parts in there…

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Loving the feedback! Thank you!

I’ve made some changes per your suggestions.

*Gave zero margin and padding to the body.

  • I added two floated images.

*Rewrote the Wikipedia link so it better describes the link (I hope).

*Gave p elements a margin left and right of 2.5em.

*Increased font-size to 1.2em.

*Removed section from html on codepen.

I’m still not sure I’ve appropriately addressed my page’s readability issues. Seems the line length is ok on mobile but does exceed 75 characters on laptops. Increasing the font to 1.5em gets the line within the correct character range but it seems huge to me. Further feedback is most welcome.

Thanks again @shimphillip @JohnnyBizzel @deweis !

My tribute page (debug view):

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Well done. Much better.
Fascinating story as well.

*Note that debug views do not stay active.

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