Tribute Page Review and Feedback EA

Hello, this is my first project ever made. I have been learning from FCC for about 2 weeks while working 60+ hours a week so it took me a bit to get to the Tribute page project. Please give me any (and i do mean any (positive or negative)) feedback on the project or code.

Thank you all!,

Edward M Arguelles


I like the color scheme and content. That font is pretty slick.

One thing that might improve it would be some padding, so that the text doesn’t go all the way to the very edge of the browser window. Not sure if you can apply that directy to body, or if you should enclose everything in a separate div.

Also, some of the writing is a little hard to read when the background color gets darker, but not so much that it hurts the page, just a consideration for later sites.

Good job, and great subject matter.

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Thank you very much for the feedback! I’ll continue working on all my projects as feedback comes in on them even if I have finished them for the site!
I will definitely be adding some padding!

The background colors I wanted as they are the flag colors of south africa, I tried to arrange it in an order that would make it easiest to see the text, and from what i first had it seems that it is a lot easier to read after i adjusted it a bit! Im glad!

Thanks again for the feedback!

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