Tribute Page review please

Hello everyone, could you please review my tribute page. Thank you in advance

Just from designer overview,
Main image should be in the middle or full width and in the exemple the headline in the middle too and also the bold parragraph in the end :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I made the changes.

Much better :slight_smile:
2 more tips if you like…

  1. Use A LOT OF space
  2. An the black and white borders dosen’t contribute to nothing…

Just a point to remember in design, Even if it’s not your direction,
Before every element you want to add or subtract, ask your self if it’s contribute for the general filling, for the general motion, and not just because you want it to be there or because it’s looks cool.

In this case, the black border make me feel like an obituary. best luck :slight_smile: