Tribute Page: Rise Against

My name is Jorge from Costa Rica :smile: and I’m new to the site. Just started the Front End course and would love to learn what you think about the first project. If you have some suggestions (specially with the code), it would be greatly appreciated.


Try to load it with Chrome and then hit f5, just in case. I’m not hosting the images myself and might take a little while to load the first time.

Happy to be here and hope to be in contact with all of you!

Cheers !

Hi Jorge

I am no expert but I have a couple of points.

On the page that links to the external band page, there is a type just above the link where ‘Against’ is spelled ‘Againt’

The external link leads straight into the band’s store page - was that the intention? Are you on commission?

Apart from such trivial comments, I think it’s pretty impressive. I hope I can do as well


Hi Richard,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to send in your thoughts, definitely appreciate it.

I did correct the typo you mentioned on the last slide, it is supposed to say “Against”.

On your last comment, I can tell you I wish I was on commission! :smile: … It is kinda strange, however. I just tested it and it re directs me to the home page. If you see the code, you’ll notice that the anchor reference points to the .COM, main page site. Maybe they had it temporarily redirect users to the store, not really sure, but I’m unable to go to the store from my pen. If you want to give it another try, please do so.

Thanks again for your feedback !


Hi Jorge

You are right - it does take you to the Home Page, I just didn’t recognise it as a Home Page. I obviously need to get out more.

Great work!


Really impressive! This might just be a personal preference, but is there a way to get the content to change upon clicking? It looks like it’s timed to display the different information, so users might not know that there’s more information coming since they can’t interact with it.

Hi diana, thanks a lot!

It’s definitely a smart thing to consider. Normally, if it would be something for someone else, I’d include the controls so that the user could go the next/last slide. I didn’t do it here because I wanted to go for a different style of slide than what you normally see in a web page, being a tribute page and all. I kinda wen’t with the feel on the time, but it can definitely be tweaked to be more user friendly.

I definitely appreciate your time and input!