Tribute Page - RWD challange 1

I’ve completed the Tribute page. Any feedback is appreciated.


I am moving this to a more appropriated subforum

Good job! :smiley:

Just centralize the " Here’s more info about Aaron Swartz" text to make the page looks better (in my opinion).

Now some coments about your code:

  1. Your <link> and <script> tag is not on the right place, it should be on the <head> tag, and you can access the <head> tag by the “Setting” button, like in the image below:

You must do like this, because every thing that you write on the code editor is in the <body> on Codepen. You can read the The Pen Preview Document to understand better what I am saying.

  1. And of course you don’t need to add <body> tag for the reasons I said above.

  2. And you can use the Codepen Analyze tool to see the other things that you can improve in your code.

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Thank you for reviewing my page.

I’ve made changes as you suggested. I’d also read about that everything written on code editor is being placed in tag. But didn’t realize where to put & tag.
Thank you for sharing.

However, As I’ve inserted in Stuff for section, It no longer shows test dialogue box of FCC.
Can you please look?

I searched on the forum something about it and a found this topic:

I think this will help you :grin:

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My bad, should’ve searched before asking.

Thank you for the tip :slight_smile: