Tribute page said gave me a big check mark ,i do not believei it

the tribute page says i passed a nd i don’t think it is right ,and here 's why.there is supposed to be a picture of Dr Noeman Borlaug on there and i don’t see it. the only reason I now what’s on the picture is because of the examply of the tribute page it shows you when you first start the tribute page I need to know cause at first it would not change anything no matter what i type ,i ask for help and was tolded i didn’t have a clue on what i was doing ,but it would not change anything when i type code in ,so i deleted the hole thing and started over and it took every except a couple that i figured out with no problum so now i am wondering is this right .no point and moving on if its wrong,please someone let me know so i can do what i have to to move on.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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HI @Metal !

You actually don’t need to recreate the sample.
You don’t need an image of Dr. Norma Borlaug.
The sample is there to show you one way to build the project.

But you can build your project on any and that is encouraged because you will learn more that way.

As long as you have an image in your project that is centered then the test will pass.

Hope that helps!

that help t would not except before had to delete every thing the last time cause nothing would change no matter what i put in all the checks and x would stay the same so i deleted my code all the way to and just started over from there ,i didn’t deleted my account just what i had typed in and everything when in like really smoove , i can’ figure out why it wouldn’t work before or what i type in so it wouldnt take anything i skip around on the list when one didnt work does that matter if you skip around on the list say if one is not working i would come back to it ,and fix it or was something wrong with the tribute page ,cause i been hung up for a while and i just desided to wipe out mycode to doctype and it went it with out a problem

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