Tribute Page: Samurai Jack

I wanted to know how to clean up my CSS. The responsive capabilities leave much to be desired.

My figcaption and my lists are not functioning well. I need help making the image proportional to the remaining content.

The project is passing, but not passing my test of approval. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


You’ve linked to the project page - where each student sees only their own code.

You’ll need to link to a copy of your code on a site such as Codepen, JSFiddle, CodeSandbox etc. where others can see it.

(Similarly for your other requests for feedback.)

Thank you for the advice. I’ve made the update for viewing. In addition, you have introduced me to 2 new platforms to preform my code projects in.

Man, I have been reluctant in using the forums in the past but now I’m so grateful they’re here for networking and meeting people to teach me. Thanks again.

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