Tribute Page - Scott Ian

I started working through the beta.freecodecamp site, so this is my second go round with this project. All feedback is welcome.

I was trying to follow KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). My first time doing it, I used Bootsrap. This time around I decided to write my own CSS:

Great job on the tribute page. The overall look fits the subject very well. The little music note icons are a nice touch as well.

I went over your css rules, and noticed you have one that almost selects everything in your website. If you have a rule like that, it is better to have a not selector that does the opposite so as to make the rule clearer and free up the CSS.

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Thank you for the feedback.

I went through and cleaned up my CSS a little bit. I got rid of most of extra reset stuff that wasn’t being used.

It is so cool! the color mixup impressed me! and the decision of background gave the whole site a nice touch! Anyways, Im also looking for feedback(Were both beginners). HEres my tPage…

Looks much better. Way to go! :+1:

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Love the style. However, I prefer not to see “here” links.

See this lesson:

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Whoops. Yeah…I know better than that. Thank you for pointing that out. I have changed the wording.

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It looks nice to me :slight_smile: Keep it up and do learn bootstrap and try to follow modern UI practices. If possible avoid darker backgrounds.

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Metal, Metal!

Ha…good to see another Heavy Metal fan around here. Nice job. Mine was on Tesla the inventor, but that all came from liking Tesla, the band.

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I am definitely going to keep up with Bootstrap. It’s part of my day job now.

I’m afraid i cant stay with bootstrap alone when considering responsiveness… because if i do, the competition i am preparing for will be a waste… the committee on that Front end developer students competition doesnt allow participants to use internet… and bbootstrap needs internet to function right? unless installed

Ill probably use bootstrap when i will have my job! because its easy and im pretty sure that time, i will not be prohibited to use net! LOL