Tribute page - Serena Williams

Hi guys,
I finished my first project. Thoughts? Any would be appreciated.

Very well done for your first try :slight_smile: Congrats

Remember that a good design structure takes time to plan out, I suggest you get inspiration from professional websites (or even templates) for ideas on how to design your webpages. Getting both your code and design to sync and look perfect at once can be frustrating if you’re like me (no built-in ability to design well).

Your page structure is neat, but the design and colors could do with some practise. Good luck :+1:

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Hi Inkerina!

The bouncing tennis ball animation is a really fun addition :slight_smile:

A great update would be to find a higher resolution image as currently the blurry photo of Serena is detracting from your overall page appearance.

Keep up the great work!

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@simongreenuk @mslilafowler Thank you! I was thinking of changing the photo too. Still have lots to learn in terms of design and appearance.