Tribute page, Severus Snape

Here it is -

It’s unfinished, as I still need to add more text, but you get the idea.

This is my first piece of coding ever, I’d really love some feedback on how much sense the way I’ve written it makes. Please and thank you :see_no_evil:

The page looks fine, there are some issues with styling the text in terms of alignment. However, I would strongly suggest you put your CSS into a separate file, because it’ll make both your HTML and CSS easier to read, manage and update. Other than that, congratz on your first project :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replying :blush: Right, so, I realised that I should’ve kept HTML and CSS separate awterwards, but if I move the CSS now, it all gets messed up? I tried, didn’t go well ahaha. And what about the text alignment? Basically I googled the properties I needed and relied on the visuals - if it looks good, I left it in the code. Someone mentioned “cm” shouldn’t be used, just px and %?

Also discovered codepen lets you analyze what you’ve written. Oeh so much to learn.

I forked your Code pen and separated the CSS for you. The styling shouldn’t have changed at all. Here is the link -

Right, got it! Wow seriously,I made such a simple mistake. Thanks!

Really all physical units map to pixels, but in screen media people use pixels and not cm, inches or feet, is just common language. Here a more complete list about css units CSS Units

Print Media:

  • cm
  • inches
  • feet

Screen Media:

  • px
  • em
  • rem
  • vh/vm

I think the relation between the picture and his quote at end was nice. It’s all about love. :relieved:

The caption beneath the image exceeds the white boundary on a smaller screen size. I like the choice of font!