Tribute Page / Site - Feedback Please?

Hi! Just wanted to share my first complete project with you. I would really appreciate your feedback on this tribute page, style etc. Any kind of critique and comment would be much appreciated!
p.s. I prefer desktop over smartphone display.
Alexa Chung - Tribute Page

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I would say, go ahead and use media queries to make a single page scroll, for small width devices, 600px and below. Keep Your Standard width Devices with this Design…

And other than that, It looks good. I also prefer desktop over smartphone display, I imagine most Designers do.

But, all devices should be accommodated for…

If you have any problems with media queries:

Great job on this. Really cool how you made the text boxes reposition as you resize the browser.


@milkovick Tbh, you did quite a great job so kudos for that.

Some things you might want to revisit:

  • Try not to leave your texts/paragraphs dangling in the div rather you can place them in p tags or any heading tags from h1-h6.
  • Also in place of divs you can try using HTML semantic tags like article or section in places where necessary as it helps with accessibility issues and is considered best practice. (Doesn’t mean you should never use div).
  • Lastly instead of having many class names that share the same CSS properties/styles, you can have a single class and reuse that class on several HTML elements as long as they share similar CSS properties then you can alternatively have an id or a personal class on each one if you wish to overwrite any property gotten from the general/global .class.

Overall, you did an amazing job and I’m quite impressed. Welcome to the developer’s community.

Keep pushing and Happy coding :+1:!

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Thank you so much!
And thanks for your suggestions, I’m already trying to apply them to my next project!

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