Tribute Page - Slava Vakarchuk

Hello to everyone!

I’ve just completed my first FCC Challenge using only Bootstrap as it was in the example.

The link is here MyTributePage

Please feel free to give your feedback.


Nice! I love reading the tribute pages because I always get to learn about ppl I wouldn’t know much about.

If you wanted some feedback the only thing I might say from a purely presentational point of view is the text in the bootstrap wells could maybe be justified so that it appears more uniform. This Can Be Done Easily With CsS

Hi, mate!

Thanks a lot for your review and suggestion.

I haven’t known about the text-justify property yet.

The interesting thing is that here it is said that the property is supported only by IE. But it does work in Chrome as well, don’t know why.)


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Not a problem. I sometimes find that if I don’t have enough content in my posts the justify rule can make it look a bit “spacy”. It’s been a while since I’ve been doing the waypoints on codecamp. I may have to get back to it asap. Love the forums! Keep up the good work buddy.

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Oh man, I love Okean Elzy, their music is so inspirational and emotional :slight_smile:

I think all you need is to add some space to the header “Slava Vakarchuk
Ukrainian songwriter and social activist”, above the first line and below the second line to let it breath :wink:

Great choice of hero image, it really shows what their music is like :musical_note:

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Thanks for your time and remarks, Themalni!

Really appreciate it.

Good luck with your coding!