Tribute Page: So, not quite done, but I'd love to start getting some feedback!

Getting close to finishing up my Tribute page, and I’d love to start getting some feedback on it. What do y’all thing?

All I can say is “WOW!” You’ll be both a designer and a developer if you keep that level of work up.

I’ll concentrate on just one thing that I can say you should improve and let others comment elsewhere. I would say you could improve the navigation by adding in a collapsible button. You can find the code on the official Bootstrap page. Because right now your links stack on top of each other as you narrow the page down. Very impressive work. You’ve gone beyond a small user story based Tribute page, though. This is more a full-fledged biography page.

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The font gets really, really small when the view gets smaller. This makes reading on mobile devices difficult, if not impossible. Judging from your code, that can be fixed using media queries.

Thanks rchristian. I’ll check it out on my phone today and make some adjustments!

:blush: Thank you for the kind words premack! I’ll see if I can get a delicious hamburger up there this weekend!