Tribute Page Specifications Question

I’m creating the Tribute Page project and I need some help with the specifications about the project. I wanted to know if can I create beyond the user stories. The project will be in my portfolio so I wanted to do it nice and complete, with more things beyond the user stories, I wanted to create a beautiful page. I will follow the user stories but I want to go beyond. Is it correct or must I restrict myself to do only what user stories say to do?

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nothing stops you to do more than what the user stories asks.
If you find yourself wanting to do something that would broke the user stories, you can submit a version of the tribute page as project here, and then a second version more elaborated and maybe without the test suite for your profile (as you need to have the test suite in the project you submit)

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I just did the minimum of what user stories was asking and I recommend doing the same. The reason why I would say this is because in the 3rd certification (Front End Libraries) you learn new methods other than pure HTML and CSS to construct and organize a web page. So it might be a good idea to revisit this project later and make a better version of it, after completing that course.

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