Tribute Page: Stan Lee

Here is my first completed Project:

I’m always open to feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

I’m not sure I get the “hover over the middle box for accessability” statement. What does one do on a device that doesn’t have a mouse pointer?

I meant it as a way to alter the color where the main text is to white in case the green coloring make it harder to read. I took that out and just left that feature in because… why not? haha

Thanks for calling that out. I also make a couple tweaks now that I saw the page on a couple different screens.


The left hand and right hand background are two different colors.

Looks great! He’s awesome guy.

I meant it as, why limit it to those that have a mouse? Why not make it accessable to everyone?
Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

I agree. I ended up changing it and took out all the unnecessary elements. Thanks for the feedback!

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