Tribute Page (Steph Curry)- Feedback

Hello everyone! Please critique my tribute page so I can further improve!

Click here for link

@DivenireHeike well done! It looks nice on my laptop and I like the use of parallax. However, it doesn’t work well on my iphone; I couldn’t see the full width of the page and a horizontal scrollbar appeared - some work to do to make it fully responsive.
Also I recently discovered when working on my portfolio that the parallax affect you use doesn’t play nice with iOS (the background images appear ‘zoomed in’ and don’t look good); its the same with your tribute page. For my portfolio page I tried several workarounds but in the end settled for using a media query to set background-attachment: scroll to all screens below 1024px. No parallax but at least the background image looks ok.

Thanks for the tip! I was going to continue using this for my personal portfolio but may not after your advice