Tribute Page - Stephen Hawking - Feedback


I am new to HTML / CSS and are slowly working my way through FCC, to the point where I can now ask for feedback on my tribute page. tribute is to the late, great, Stephen Hawking.

Feedback - both negative and positive welcome.


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Good job👏
It looks really nice on my phone.

Hey Russ,

Great job. Your page looks neat and clean.

Perhaps making the sub heading and paragraphs a little narrower would make it easier to read on desktop view.

It looks really nice and simple and the code seems clean.
Great job!
To be honest I don’t have anything negative to say, it’s simple and efficient.

Hi All,

Thank you for the feedback, will look to implement the recommendations soon and move on to the next project.

Also, I must apologies for the delay in thanking you all, work commitments have kept me away for a couple of weeks; will hopefully get back on to it in the coming days.


Hi :smile:,

Nice work on your first project and it’s fun to actually start putting all the little pieces we learned in the FCC curriculum together isn’t it.

You might want to decrease the padding on the < p > and < ul > when on small screen views.

I also have a tip about using Codepen for these projects. Everything that would normally go in the head section doesn’t actually go in to HTML editor when you use Codepen. Instead go to Settings > HTML > and you will see Stuff for head . You don’t need to declare body tags either, think of the HTML editor as being the body of the HTML page. Hope that made sense.

Overall well done and I look forward to seeing your next project :clap:

Hi MazontheMoon

Thank you for the feedback, you are right it is fun once you get going. Will change the padding as suggested.

Also, thank you for the tips on using Codepen, will put them into practice