Tribute Page - Stuck on Descendants of Main step

Hi! When I run my code, I get this error: “Your #img-div, #image, #img-caption, #tribute-info, and #tribute-link should all be descendants of #main.”

Can you help? I’m a code newbie and am not even sure what questions to ask myself to get un-stuck. Thank you in advance!

Project is here:

Don’t forget to always the end tag </main>
Note that you have in your code <main> without the end tag And also </main> without the start tag


You’ve got two main closing tags. There should only be one.

I’d advise running your code though a html validator like this one. They are very good for catching syntax errors like these.

I’d also advise using a css style sheet rather than using style tags in the html. It’s standard practice and allows for an easier workflow.

By the way, you’ve made some nice design choices here. The colour scheme and visuals work nicely. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip, dude!

Thank you so much! Fixed the main closing tag issue, and submitted the finished product a few minutes ago. Success!

I will use the html validator in the future. I’ll try using a css style sheet for the next certification project as you suggested.

Thank you so much for noticing my design! I worked really hard to make it look aesthetically pleasing and clean. Thank you again for all your help! :sunny:

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