Tribute Page: Sundar Pichai

First of all, sorry for my english, i have a lot to learn.
I have just completed my tribute page about Sundar Pichai, but i think that there is a lot to fix.
This is the link: .
I put all the code in the html panel beacause when i move the css in the other panel the blocks of my page change position. I don’t really know how to position the things with Bootstrap yet and for that i have worked with padding and margin on css. I suppose there is a conflict between css and bootstrap, especially when i try to open the page with a smartphone (the page is completely disordered).
How can improve my code for the mobile version? And how i can position the elements with Bootstrap?
Thank you! :slight_smile:


I’ve just seen your tribute page it was awesome. I don’t know much about the coding I am also beginner in the coding.

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No one can help me? I need help for resize the page for mobile and tablet.:sweat: