Tribute Page + Survey Form - Feedback

Hi! Would like some feedback!

I’m actually a full-stack engineer, I try to sort of “level up” my Front-End/UI skills. I normally use Material/Bootstrap with something like React for building web-apps, but when my friends ask me for helping them building a simple landing page I run away ahaha. So don’t hesitate to be rude, I can take a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


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amazing tribute page.:grinning::heart_eyes:carry on buddy.good luck:+1:

Hey Jonathan,

One thing you could work on addressing with the tribute page is that there isn’t enough space either side of the bullet pointed section on smaller displays - try resizing your window on your computer to be really small and you’ll see what I mean.

Should be pretty easy to fix with some margin or padding.

Keep up the great work!