Tribute Page/Survey Form/Landing Page

Links below direct you to my FCC projects

Tribute Page

Survey Form

Landing Page

I would appreciate any feedback!

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@rien Overall, your work is very appealing and the aesthetic is nice. I think your biggest strength is how you position your elements. Besides minor padding and margins, I don’t see any problem with your projects! :slight_smile:

Tribute Page:
Really well done! I love the openin page with the headshot. I think it is very effective. I would suggest adding more information/visuals. (I think you can do some very creative things with images) . Also, when I click on the questions, there needs to be a way to go back.

Survey Form:
I enjoyed the 8-bit indie style especially with the check boxes. Nice job!

Landing Page:
The position of the images/text complements each other and once again well done. :grinning:

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