Tribute Page & Survey Form Personal Project

Hey guys, this is my first time ever posting on this forum. I’ve been trying to learn web development for a couple of months now; a bit with FCC but mostly with some Udemy courses. I recently finished two personal projects and I wanted some feedback from the community. Sometimes I look at these and think I’m not good enough to become a web developer and sometimes I’m happy with the fact I’m able to do things now I would have never thought I’d be able to do a couple of months ago.

These are the links to my projects:



You have a good style. Photography, color choice, and white space really set sites apart. If I don’t check Dribbble or Awwwards. I’ll tend to style '90’s or early 2000’s. So I commend you on that.
On the Spiderman form:

I really wanted to close the jumbotron. I thought it was a modal. It could be done without javascript using what used to be called “the check-box hack”. It’s beyond the level of FCC, although they use it to toggle the test menu. Alternatively, I lowered the opacity slightly to see the background (in the included photo for your consideration).

I didn’t notice the text input labels at all (though they are probably needed to pass the test). I just noticed the placeholder text. After you pass the tests you could ditch the label and make the text inputs taller and just use placeholder text. ( lowered the opacity a little here to see how it looks ).

Maybe the button on hover changes the cursor to the finger.

Overall good job!