Tribute Page - Surya Bonaly

Got feedback?
Any input on my Surya Bonaly tribute page would be highly appreciated. I just learned about her on an NPR broadcast.

From a aesthetic point of view, some of the darker text is difficult to read or see. Getting the color balance correct is difficult, and like you, I am still learning this aspect.

Besides, the responsiveness seems to be an issue even when just I resize my browser window.

On the coding side, I noticed that your image isn’t responsive and is missing the alt. Also, what I have found when using col-xs-? is to leave a layout for each size of device, e.g.

Although I am not sure if this is the best approach, I noticed that my portfolio became much more responsive after adapting to this.

Thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback.
I adjusted the darker color text to make it more reader-friendly and In included an alt tag for the image.
As for the responsiveness, I just pulled up the site on my phone and I can see the responsiveness issues you speak of. I will have to look into that a little more…but I thought the purpose of Bootstrap was to magically:tophat: make my site responsive.

I thought the same about bootstrap at first; however, it is a little more than that.

This site was useful and helped me to understand the way to use bootstrap more effectively. Also, I googled some of my issues and found many of my answers that way.

Most of all, don’t stop. Just keep coding, thinking and redoing.