Tribute Page - Tan Malaka

Hi Everyone, I would be very happy if I got feedback and suggestion for my tribute page to Tan Malaka, He was a great philosopher from my home country Indonesia but tend to be forgotten because of his involvement in Indonesian Communist Party, this is not political statement of mine, just an attempt to remember his greatness and dedication. cheers.

check it out:


I liked how you arranged contents on the page.

Thanks, I appreciate it ! it was 2 hrs of work and not actually finished tbh, need some more styling :smiley:

Your page has a very creative layout in just 2hrs. Great :slight_smile:

To be improve: your page broke in mobile browser (same as mine :()

Thanks :), yeah I haven’t set up the media query for mobile and use only col-md-*. will do it later tho !

i agree. looks great. nice job

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thanks man, html/css is not quite difficult for me, but when it comes to js… XD!

I agree. Ive been takin my time with js

the forgotten Tan Malaka, good page!