Tribute Page: Taran Matharu

Hi, I’ve just completed the first project: build a tribute page - Looking for some helpful feedback! :smiley: I feel like I didn’t use as many unique tags as I should have - and maybe copied a bit from the example :confused: . Any input is appreciated! :D.

Hi. You did a great job)) And if you copied some things from any other resources it’s ok. The most important thing is you did it.
If you let me say just one tip. Don’t use center tag. First of all he is not supported at HTML5. HTML tags for the structure of the page. And CSS defines “where is it” and “how it’s look like”.
Here is centering with Bootstrap stackoverflow link.
Best regards.

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Good job on your first project~
I just finished and posted my tribute project as well, so I can’t offer much help as far as the code itself goes. However, I have just a couple of general or small suggestions.

I suggest changing the link color of your name at the bottom, as it is very difficult to read on the green background.

Perhaps try adding a bit of space between the different books/descriptions under “Introduction of his works” to kind of separate things a bit and make them not quite so squished together.

Under “General Info”, you should probably capitalize the “g” in “graduating”. :wink:

Keep up the good work~!

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