Tribute page: TCCC

Here is my tribute page. Feel free to comment. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile:

I really like your tribute page! It’s nicely done, simple and clear. With just a little css you could completely personalize your page and make it look more lively :wink:
I just have one tiny thing to note: on line 43 of your html code, for your closing </strong> balise you wrote stromg

I also really like your page. I agree with moonwalker74, you could do a little more CSS to really make things β€˜pop’.

From a design standpoint, the one thing that I think could level this page up quite a bit would be to find a way to clear out that white space with the circular image up top. You usually do this by placing an image with a transparent background (google how to do that in Photoshop). That way you have your logo image with a consistent background to the main page.

Other than that - cool page. You did a good job!

Thanks :smile: It was a completely HTML project without CSS. Thanks for your comments and hints.