Tribute Page - Thank you for your feedback... criticism etc

You have great content and it is obvious that you did your research.

But it looks a little crowded and that makes it difficult to read. Your images are a little too small and the text wraps though them.

If I may suggest, break your one paragraph into a few smaller paragraphs - such as one paragraph for each segment of his life or important incident.

“He was not only a war hero” … could show the colored image to the right of the text.

You could place the trio image above the paragraph about the German occupation.

And the black and white image on the horse to the right of the timeline list.

“For many years he was forgotten…” - Is there a quote for this that can be shared? Or place it as the footer below the link button.

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Wow! Thanks for your feedback… You are 100% right it is too crowded. And your hints made me want to edit the page.

Great! Thank you :slight_smile:

Let me know if you ever need help with the editing. I’m an editor for the freeCodeCamp Medium Publication and I’d be happy to help.