Tribute Page:The class 'container' is used in the HTML but not found in any stylesheet

None of my the classes from bootstrap for “container”, “col-md-*” or “row” are being registered even though I set Bootstrap in the settings. Any help to continue with my tribute page would be appreciated.

Hi, @Ecochran. This is a guess, but I think “Analyze HTML” gives you that warning even though you imported Bootstrap.

Can you provide a link to your pen?

Sure! Thank you, @kevcomedia.

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Bootstrap works alright. You can ignore those warnings.

Also, img responsive should be img-responsive.

Thanks for catching that!

I have the same issue. Bootstrap is not working and i can’t separate the images into columns. All are appearing in a vertical stack.

here’s the link


You have to add Bootstrap 3 or 4 to your Pen! You can do that by pressing any settings button beside HTML, CSS…; then head to CSS, “add external CSS”, “quick add”-dropdown, and add Bootstrap 3 or 4, and save. :slight_smile:

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Oh yes! I totally forgot that!
Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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