Tribute Page - The Legend of Zelda

Hi everyone,

Below my post is the link for my tribute page. I’d really appreciate any constructive criticism you may have.

Honestly, the page didn’t really turn out how I had originally planned and it feels a bit bland, but overall I’d give myself about a 7/10. I definitely find myself struggling the most with finding the best ways to make content (specifically images) responsive in an efficient way.

Thanks in advance for your comments!

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Hello @bradyvossler,


  • error

Bad value “|Metrophobic” for attribute “href” on element “link”: Illegal character in query: “|” is not allowed.

From line 7 to line 7:

  <link href="|Metrophobic" rel="stylesheet">

From Stackoverflow

The offending character here is “|” U+007C VERTICAL LINE, used by Google as a separator between font names; that’s a poor choice by them, since “|” is a reserved character, both by the “URL Living Standard” (which is what the HTML5 CR cites) and by the Internet-standard STD 66 (RFC 3986).

  • info

Section lacks heading. Consider using “h2”-“h6” elements to add identifying headings to all sections.

  • error

End tag “section” seen, but there were open elements.

From line 31 to line 50:

<div id="timeline-list">  <!-- unclosed tag -->
 <h3>Release Timeline</h3> 

  • error

Unclosed element “div”.

From line 30 to line 30:

   <div id="timeline-list">

cheers and happy codding :slight_smile:

Tools used:
w3c markdown checker web service

Looks very cool and responsive :slight_smile:

The only thing I’d improve is the timeline section, the list looks very dull compared to the rest of the design. Try giving it some style, if you want to take it to another level that is.

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completely forgot to run my code through the validator. Thanks for the critique!